Trikom Bio is a manufacturer of water soluble cannabinoid products. Our premium cannabinoid products offer the purest expression of the plant, anywhere.


Welcome to Trikom Bio

Trikom Bio is the industry leader in the processing, manufacturing, and distribution of premium water-soluble cannabinoid-infused ingredients. 

Our technological advancement in producing and formulating an all-natural and truly water-soluble cannabis solution is revolutionizing the cannabis industry, providing commercial brands and consumers alike with innovative and exciting adult beverage opportunities unlike anything before.


Our belief is that cannabis is one of the most important plants on the planet.

There is simply nothing like it: a complex symphony of incredible compounds, reacting in harmony to create infinite unique and powerful possibilities both medically and recreationally.

At Trikom Bio, we are inspired by the plant itself to create cannabis products that ensure the least adulterated, purest expression of the cannabis experience possible. We achieve this through continuous innovation of proprietary technology – priding ourselves in our core competencies of understanding important cannabis genetics, production methods, advanced processing technology, novel delivery, and our deep understanding of the endocannabinoid system.

As a team of experienced cannabis experts committed to excellence in sourcing, formulating, and producing only the finest ingredients in the market today, we invite you to discover the most innovative, revolutionary, safe and effective cannabis products available.

Our Team

Trikom Bio boasts one of the cannabis industry’s most experienced and accomplished core teams anywhere.

Greg Newman
Chief Executive Officer

Greg leads Trikōm Bio as CEO and brings over twenty-five years of executive experience with Fortune 500 companies like Oracle and Apple, and as CEO of Cerule and Desert Lake Technologies, the premier harvesting, processing, and marketing companies of nutritional supplement and products globally. Previously, Greg co-founded seed-stage Venture Capital firm Integrity Partners, the first investor in Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU); and also served on the founding teams of C2B Technologies, acquired by Inktomi and later Yahoo!; as well as Macromedia, acquired by Adobe. Greg combines his executive business expertise with an understanding of how to successfully grow businesses from inception to a position of market leadership.

Dr. Sangeeta Patel, PhD
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Patel is a certified food scientist (IFT) and toxicologist with a Doctorate in Food Toxicology and a Masters of Science in Food Chemistry from UC Davis. Sangeeta brings over 30 years of experience in food toxicology research, product development, and technical manufacturing. Sangeeta oversees and directs product development, research, and technical support of innovative products in the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries. With SQF Food and Safety Quality Systems and Advanced Hazard and Critical Control Points experience and certifications, she enhances the safety and quality profiles of our products. Sangeeta's past experience includes research for clients; such as, Weetabix, Campbell’s Soup Research, InterHealth Nutraceuticals, MitoQ, Enzogenol and Glykon.

Matt Cohen
VP of Business Development & Supply Chain

Matt brings over twenty years of executive business experience in all aspects of the legal cannabis supply chain, including areas of production, processing, distribution, retail, and service and technology. He was co-founder and CEO of TRiQ, an industrial solutions provider that optimized production and processing cannabis technologies at an industrial scale and invented the world’s first cannabis drying machine, the Vulcann50. He served as Supply Chain Director for the world’s largest cannabis retailer, Harborside Health Center; co-founded the Emerald Growers Association (now California Growers Association) and served as a cannabis regulatory consultant to the California and Washington governments. He also founded Northstone Organics, the first licensed producer of medicinal cannabis in California, as was featured in the New York Times and PBS Frontline.

Tom Valenzuela
VP of Fab & Facilities

As the Vice President of Fabrication and Facilities, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge in facility design and manufacturing, including compliance, insurance, and operational excellence in processing. Tom has significant experience in operations with certified GMP and organic facilities. Currently, Tom also serves as the vice president of operations at Desert Lake Technologies, a global harvesting, processing, and marketing company of nutritional supplements and products. In this role, Tom designs and builds state of the art processing facilities as well as fabricates the unique technologies they use. 

Luke Newman
Product Manager / Co-Founder

Luke manages the connection between business development and research in order to produce and maintain the highest quality products. Luke has a Psychology degree from UC Berkeley, where he studied how the neural connectivity and pathways of the brain are affected by different substances. After graduating, he researched and invested in early stage pharmaceutical companies seeking to resolve degenerative and psychological disorders through cannabis applications. Luke is a co-founder of Trikōm Bio and leads the product management with his passion in improving the quality of life of individuals through cannabis. 

Parker Steele
Strategy Analyst / Co-Founder

Parker's background is in investment banking and corporate finance. Upon graduation from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business he worked for Houlihan Lokey’s Mergers & Acquisitions group where he assisted owners and management teams with strategic consulting as well as the marketing and sale of their businesses. He also worked in Wells Fargo’s Commercial Underwriting group, and for various other companies in corporate finance functions. Parker assists in guiding Trikōm Bio’s business and financial strategy to ensure the company's success.



Trikom Bio’s ingredient-based, water-soluble cannabis offerings are a revolution for both the cannabis and beverage industries, delivering the purest expression of the plant available and featuring revolutionary onset, dosing, and duration.

Thanks to our proprietary processes and technology, there is simply nothing else like our cannabis products on the market today.

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